Export to Evernote

Export to Note

This feature exports all the name and event information for the currently selected person to a note that can be edited and saved for future reference. It requires the installation of the Evernoteapplication, which is available free on the Google Play store. It is also available for the Windows platform at http://evernote.com. Notes are saved in the Cloud so they are available on any device you own.

The options are as follows:

  • Include sources - Includes the names of the sources for each event. Detailed source citations are not included.
  • View/edit after creating - This leaves the Evernote application visible after exporting the note. Use your device's Back button to eventually return to GedStar.

Once you are viewing your exported note in Evernote, numerous features are available to you, including the following:

  • Edit the text to note new facts that you want to later add while on your PC.
  • Take a photo with your device's camera or take one from your gallery and attach it to the note.
  • Add voice notes.
  • Create an account on evernote.com and upload (sync) your notes with your account.
  • On your PC, view or print your notes, download attached photos, and more.