Transfer Using Google Drive

Prerequisites: Google Account and Drive Installation

This method requires that you have a Google account and that you install the Google Drive software on both your PC and your Android device.

  • Go to to create or access your existing account..
  • Click on the Download Google Drive link to install the software on your PC.
  • Go to the Android Market on your mobile device and look for Google Drive and install it.


Copy GedStar File to Google Drive

The easiest way to get your converted data into your Drive is to let GedStar do it automatically for you. Just check the Copy output file to Google Drive folder option on the main page of the conversion dialog. It will then almost immediately become available for downloading to your phone or tablet!

If you would rather use a manual procedure, do the following:

  • Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the GedStar file folder at My Documents\GedStar Pro (or similar documents folder).
  • Right click the database file (file ending with ".gedstar") and select Copy (or type Ctrl-C).
  • Navigate to your Google Drive folder.
  • Right click and select Paste (or type Ctrl-V).

The database file should appear in your Google Drive folder and will be automatically uploaded to the Drive cloud storage site.


Copy File to Android and GedStar Pro

Getting your file onto your Android device is even easier:

  • Launch the Drive application on your phone or tablet. Your file list will be displayed (or tap on My Drive to see it)..
  • Tap to open the GedStar Pro subfolder if it is present.
  • Tap the GedStar Pro database file name.

The file will then be downloaded from the cloud. GedStar Pro will automatically be launched and will copy the file to its standard directory on the SD card and display it for viewing. And that's it!