GedStar Today

GedStar Today, now included with the GedStar Pro app, is an Android home screen widget that extends GedStar Pro's functionality. Add it to your device's screen and it will give you a daily reminder of how many births, deaths, and/or marriages occurred in your family tree that day. It adds some fun to your genealogy work and is easy and intuitive to use:

  • The widget displays the current date and the number and type of events for the day.
  • It can optionally post a notification in the status bar on any day that has events to show.
  • Tap on the widget (or notification) to bring up the full-screen app that shows the names and places for each event.
  • Tap on one of the names to launch GedStar Pro directly to that person's details screen.
  • Tap on the calendar icon to view the events for any day of your choosing.

The widget is configurable to select which types of events to include (births, deaths, marriages). Here are some screen shots to show you what it looks like in action:


On This Day Widget


On This Day App


You must be using the latest versions of both the GedStar Pro for Android application (V3.3.0 or later) as well as GedStar Pro for Windows (V4.4.0 or later). The latest versions of the Windows program and Android app are always available from our download page.

If using a GEDCOM file, your file must meet strict GEDCOM 5.5 standards in the way that dates are specified.